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Are there any specific requirements for applicants applying for a property?

In order to to apply for a property you must be over the age of 18, in full time employment or self employed with adequate proof of income. You will also need to supply proof of address and identification.

What references do I need when applying for a property?

Before moving into a property reference checks are carried out on all prospective tenants which is done through our professional tenant referencing agency. This includes employer references and /or  proof of income, a full credit check (if living in the UK)  and where necessary past landlord references. You will also need to have a UK bank account and be able to supply proof of address covering 3 years.

What documentation do I need to supply if I am a non UK citizen?

We will need to have a copy of your passport and visa dependent on your country or origin.

What type of tenancy agreement will I sign?

All our tenancies are for a fixed term and in most cases you will sign an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. In some cases, for example if the tenancy is a company rather than an individual let, a non housing act agreement is applicable. Please ask for the minimum term applicable to the property you are interested in. All tenancies are ‘joint and several’ meaning all tenants are responsible for the rent.

How much will I need to pay before I can move in?

The amount required before the tenancy can commence is shown against each property we advertise. This includes one month’s rent, the damage deposit and the check out fee. The payment must be cleared funds into our company account prior to the agreed ‘sign up’ date.

How will the rent be paid?

Rent must be paid monthly in advance by Standing Order. If you are proposing to share with others we will require the rent to be paid by a single standing order. Our team can give you more information about this

How do I know what furniture and fittings will be in the property?

When you view a property please ask a member of staff at the time what will be in the property. Please do not assume what you see will be left in the property; they may belong to the current tenant. In most cases ‘furnished’ does not include cutlery, crockery, TV or bedding.

How many people can jointly apply for a property?

No more than four sharers are permitted; if there are more than four of you wishing to share please speak to a member of staff.

Can I keep pets?

If you have pets or wish to keep pets in the future please discuss this with our staff before viewing a property. In most cases  landlords do not wish to have pet in the property. However if pets are acceptable an additional £200 is added to your deposit  and  a ‘pet clause’ will be included  in your tenancy agreement.

Do I need to take out my own insurance for the property or does the landlords insurance cover everything?

The landlords insurance will cover the buildings and any contents belonging to the landlord. The tenant is responsible for taking out their own contents insurance including any personal items that they take into the property.

What happens to my deposit at the end of my tenancy?

At the end of your tenancy the property will be checked out by a member of staff against the inventory and assuming there is no damage to the property (aside from reasonable wear and tear) the deposit will be returned to you in accordance with the TDS regulations. Portfolio Properties is accredited by the National Approved Letting Scheme and members of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). For further information on the Tenancy Deposit Scheme please click here.

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